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When should a child have their first eye exam?

Ideally children should be seen by age one to make sure that everything is developing correctly, around age three when they can start to identify pictures and as the enter school to ensure that the best vision possible. Children may need glasses for several reasons—some of which are different than for adults. Because a child’s […]

How often should I have an eye exam?

Eye exams are recommended periodically, with the interval differing for various age groups. In the first three years of infancy, a child should have vision checked along with normal pediatric checkups. Between the ages of three and six (the most crucial period of eye development) an eye exam should be scheduled every year or two. […]

Will I be dilated?

A large pupil allows the eye doctor to examine the inside of the eye in order to diagnose and treat eye diseases. Also, relaxing the focusing muscles of the eye allows for a more accurate measurement of refractive error (need for glasses) in children. Finally, dilating eye drops are sometimes used to treat eye diseases, […]

How long will my appointment take?

Appointment times vary depending on the type of care you are receiving and testing that may be involved. For routine eye exams, patients should allow 1-1 1/2 hours and be prepared for dilation. New patients should allow additional time. Medical eye exams (diabetic, macular degeneration, etc) can take up to two hours. Patients being seen […]